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3 Important Social Media Tips

Ox Job 10 December, 2017

More than ever before, the Internet is a huge presence in the lives of everyone. One of the biggest 'changes' in the past few years has been the surge of social media. It seems you can't play a game without first connecting to Facebook,television shows encourage you to Tweet about what has happened and Pinterest is the first place people turn when looking for a recipe.

Because of the way social media has infiltrated our culture, it now has a big impact on the job search too. If you are entering the job market, keep in mind these three important social media tips.

Clean Your Profile – There is a very good chance that potential employers will check out your social media presence sometime during the hiring process. Make your “public” profile reasonably professional. Cat pictures are probably fine, but consider dumping those images of you partying during spring break.

Build a LinkedIn Profile – LinkedIn is an excellent social media network for promoting yourself in business. You can attach a resume, if desired, connect with old colleagues and employers and even search for work through the platform.

Let People Know You’re Looking – You connect with friends, family and acquaintances on Facebook for everything else, so why not share your job search? You may get the inside track on a position by doing this—and potentially find the perfect job!

As you can see, social media can be a great tool—when used properly. Spend some time exploring what is out there and find new ways to put these services to work for you. Who knows, you may be “Tweeting” about your new job sooner than you imagined!